When we think engagement what do we visualize? Diamond rings, a man getting down on his knees and asking for the woman's hand in marriage? Possibly, however in the context of the shero leadership principles it means being fully engaged with all aspects of your life in the present moment. Being aware of your surroundings, your actions, the words you use to describe yourself and others around you.

When you are engaged you are actively listening when a person is speaking. You honour that space and moment in time. You value the person who is sharing your constellation by the giving of your time. This applies to a parent with their child as much as it does to a president or manager to their employee.

When you are engaged with a person you listen, you acknowledge and open the lines of communication. If we were to take the time to fully listen we would understand what the person truly values and we could get to the root of the matter quickly. It's in human nature to engage and connect with each other.

With sherovision you can engage with all those around you no matter what cultural background and beliefs they hold. All you need to do is listen first and explain later. No need for a dual-logue. This means a situation of one-upmanship where it seems like there is a conversation between two people yet it's really a dual. Amazing things happen when the door for engagement is open in line with shero!