Spirituality, Humanity, Enlightenment, Responsibility and Opportunity;

individually they represent impressive core principles. Together they are five principles that offer an extraordinary guide to life, the SHERO life.

SHERO is an interdependent global leadership acronym that is all inclusive of nations, cultures, races, religions, genders and ages.  SHERO is about YOU! 

* Spirituality in that we realize we are interdependent in this world. Us verses them is not constructive.

* Humanity in that life is about WE not just me. 

* Enlightenment in that we constantly need to learn and evolve beyond our self imposed limitations. 

* Responsibility in that we are in charge of making choices for ourselves and thus are empowered in doing so.

 * Opportunity in realizing there is no such thing as failure there is learning and growth in every situation. 

The introduction of the book speaks about the concept of SHERO and the book itself reads as a novel which is based on a true story.  It shows the evolution of characters transforming themselves from a disengaged Sheep state to an engaged and empowered SHERO state.  They do this by questioning BS that may no longer be serving them and may be holding them back.  Whether it's Relationship BS, Cultural BS or Business BS this concept resonates with people of all walks of life from CEO's and Entrepreneurs to Mothers and Fathers etc.

In the context of the book Tribal can mean many things whether we are Irish, Chinese, Spanish, South African, Russian, Armenian etc and see ourselves as a tribe or a corporation, family and group of friends as a tribe.  Of course BS stands for Belief Systems.  When is the last time you asked yourself, ‘What are my BS’s (Belief Systems)? Where do they come from? Do they still serve me?  

The five leadership principles that are SHERO offer you an alternative for old and worn out beliefs that may be holding you back by introducing building blocks for creating a blueprint for a constructive life that gives all of us hope, inspiration and meaning.  SHERO will help you move forward in a way that will not only improve the quality of our your life by unlocking your true potential but also have a rippling positive effect within your immediate families, community, cities, states, and countries.  

Join the adventures of Arka (King in Armenian) and Takouhi (Queen in Armenian) as they explore and question tribal BS transforming them from a disengaged sheep state to an empowered SHERO state of mind!  As a King or Queen in your own right experience your personal transformation as you journey with them.

We have heard that it’s the journey and not the destination, thus lets journey by way of SHERO