The premise behind the five universal SHERO leadership principles is to empower people and move them away from a sheep state of thinking that's just the way it is, this is my lot in life.

Empower people to realize that everybody can make a difference if they step up.

Does it require work? Yes!

Does it require sacrifice? Absolutely!

Will the results be worth it?

Well, the pharmaceutical companies wish they could bottle the high one would get by feeling the empowered state.

Depression, anxiety, self doubt, loathing disappear when you are an empowered person living SHERO leadership principles. When one realizes that we are all connected, when we understand the beauty of humanity, when we educate ourselves and not just rely on opinions of others, when we take responsibility for our actions and seize opportunities there will be no time for shadows.

The sun will never set on a SHERO. The choice is ours. Empower yourself by considering that 'real' is not negativity as positivity is just as 'real'.

It's a choice....

Empower, move forward and expand, nothing but the best for yourself and others demand.